Re-Volt 3 este disponibil pentru Android

Dacă îți plac jocurile de curse, Re-Volt 3 este acum disponibil pe Android și oferă aceeași experiență plăcută de a "teleghida" micuțele mașinute.

Spre deosebire de cele două versiuni anterioare, Re-Volt 3 pune la dispoziție peste 50 de tipuri de mașini, 20 de hărţi și o grafică îmbunătăţită.

Every Finish Line Is The Beginning Of A New Race!

Race. Repeat. Revolt3.

Thrilling and Exciting!!
Experience the new generation of the legendary RC car racing game Re-Volt3!

▶ Realistic RC Car Racing
- Over 50 realistic RC cars such as Buggies, Monster Trucks, and Race Cars!
- Experience real RC car racing!

▶ Various Game Modes
- Pursue your rivals at high speed!
- Shoot at your rivals with a variety of items!
- Use unique cars to show off your skills!
- Reach the top in diverse game modes!

▶ Competition Against Players from All Over the World
- Compete against players from all over the world!
- Real time multiplayer competition against random opponents!
- From World Grand Prix to Restricted! Survive cutthroat competition!

▶ Create Your Own RC Car
- Create your own cool RC car with paints and skins!
- Upgrade materials to improve the performance of your RC car!
- Share your customized RC car on social media!

▶ Enhanced Systems
- Re-Volt 3 has been completely reworked with realistic graphics and improved controls.
- Clear over 100 stages with an intense storyline!- Collect rewards from achievements, attendance and rankings!

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